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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Guilt Free Gourmet Recipes to Die For: Blackened Chilean Sea Bass with Black Beans

Ingredients and Directions

Finely chop 1 ½ Spanish red onion, can use minced garlic or chop garlic if preferred-will need 1 tablespoon of minced or chopped garlic.
Add 2 cans of Goya black beans to pot; add Goya pimento regular seasoning to beans, add remaining ingredients-bring to boil for 2 minutes, stir while boiling, reduce heat and let simmer for 15 minutes.

Add ½ cup of white cooking wine to unseasoned sea bass.
Season bass with a few generous shakes of Mrs. Dash lemon pepper seasoning; also add a few sprinkles of thyme, oregano and parsley.
Add 2 to 3 salted butter chips on top of bass.
Pan Broil sea bass at 475 on medium level in oven for 20 minutes, during 10 minutes of cooking time you will need to add 1/3 of water to pan or rack as wine sauce will evaporate.

Every 5 minutes-scoop wine sauce from cooking pan to pour on top of bass to ensure tenderness and proper browning of herbs.

After sea bass is ready to serve, squeeze ½ lemon juice on surface of bass and serve immediately.

Tip for soon to be at home chefs, cast iron skillets and cookware will give the best results when pan broiling sea bass.

flickr photo via wikimedia creative commons

Photo Credit: Karen via flickr 2010 -- Wikimedia Creative Commons
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